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Cyclone DirecTV


Cyclone, DirecTV

Project Manager, Technical Lead and LED software programmer for the Electroland project "Cyclone", a permanent installation at the DirecTV headquarters

El Segundo, CA

The Cyclone project is an interactive installation in the lobby of the DirecTV headquarters that was constructed utilizing 47,000 individual LED nodes and various high resolution screen displays within a double curvature structure. The structure skeleton, individual panels and metal carapace were all distinct and unique. Cyclone required the development of proprietary scripts in order to array the LED nodes throughout 600 distinct panels as well as to engineer cable paths and arrange conduit into efficient groupings. Interactive generative scripts as well as pre-rendered content were delivered to the client.

PARTICIPATION: Project Manager, Technical Lead and LED software programmer from the initial concept stages through fabrication and site work to commissioning and completion. Utilized D3/Disguise show control software for content.